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Authentic Though Not Exotic: Essays on Filipino Identity
by Fernando N. Zialcita                

Engaging Society: The Sociologist in a War Zone
by Fr. John J. Carroll, S.J.

Generating Energies in Mount Apo: Cultural Politics in a Contested Environment
by Albert E. Alejo, S.J.

Leaving the Priesthood: A Close Reading of Priestly Departures
by Fr. Emmanuel R. Fernandez               

Madonnas and Martyrs: Militarism and Violence in the Philippines
by Anne-Marie Hildson               

Old Ties and New Solidarities: Studies on Philippine Communities 
edited by Charles J-H Macdonald and Guillermo M. Pesigan 

People of Power: A Philippine Worldview of Spirit Encounters
by John P. McAndrew

Philippine Society and the Individual: Selected Essays of Frank Lynch  
edited by Aram A. Yengoyan and Perla Q. Makil   

Population and History: The Demographic Origins of the Modern Philippines  
edited by Daniel F. Doeppers and Peter Xenos               

Possible Worlds in Impossible Spaces: Knowledge, Globality, Gender and Information Technology in the Philippines
by Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu

Religion, Politics, and Rationality in a Philippine Community
by Raul Pertierra               

Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands? The Politics of High-Tech Production in the Philippines
by Steven C. McKay 

To be Poor and Obscure: The Spiritual Sojourn of a Mindanawon
by Karl M. Gaspar, CSSR 

Verbal Arts in Philippine Indigenous Communities: Poetics, Society, and History
by Herminia Meñez Coben  

Wisdom from a Rainforest: The Spiritual Journey of an Anthropologist
by Stuart A. Schlegel

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