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Admission to Ateneo de Manila University

If you are a prospective high-school graduate, you probably already started your application process to a few colleges and universities: created a list of colleges you like the most, wrote check-lists of documents to submit to their admission offices, and started your essays. Still, you are likely to worry about your chances of getting admitted to the most desired school. With that in mind, I’d like to share a few pieces of advice that helped me to become a student of one university in the Philippines and pass the Ateneo College Examination.

  1. Find out everything about your major. This is the first thing that you need to do to make sure that this college fits you. If it has a major program that you want to study, try to find out as much information about it as possible: all the subjects you are about to study, internship opportunities, etc.
  2. Visit the college. The second thing I advise you to do is take a tour through the  campus. This is to make sure that the college vibe is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, if you don’t like the college setting, you will hardly enjoy your student life there. Check the college library, dormitories, sports places, cafeteria, and other locations that are important to you;
  3. Keep track of the deadlines. You have to know exactly what documents you need to send to the university and when they are due. Remember, all pieces that reflect your academic performance and personality should be presented to the admission office;
  4. Answer all essay questions. Essay writing may not be the most exciting thing to do, but still, you have to get it done. You may consult with a professional essay writer to make the personal essay writing process easier and more pleasant. Keep in mind that you will not have the second chance to make the first impression, so you can’t screw up your essays. To get inspired before writing, consider reading success stories of people who are already students of your dream college and try to guess what their peculiarities were;

Double-check the papers you send to the admission committee. This final step is very important to not ruin all your efforts to get into the best college: always check what documents you are about to submit to the admission office. When you are applying to a few universities at once, it’s easy to mess up similar documents on your laptop and send inappropriate ones. If you do it, the Head of Admission office will think you are not interested in their college a lot and reject your application. You can’t let that happen, right? Ask for a college admission essay help to make sure all things are in the right places.

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These guys carry out consultations where they interact with applicants and their parents, answer their questions and guide students through the admission process. These are practitioners who continuously work with applicants, improving their knowledge of admission through direct communication with those wishing to receive information and work with sources. All consultants have experience working with applicants for at least 3 years and during this time they answered thousands of questions concerning college admission free of charge.

Talking about essay help, bookmark the chosen essay writing service because such an assistant will greatly facilitate your future studying

In what cases? Students are often asked to deliver essays on a scientific topic. In case you aren’t familiar with this type of writing, an essay is a short narrative that describes the author's individual impressions on a particular issue. Writing an essay is not an easy process. It is necessary to fit small creative reasoning on several pages, which will reflect the personal opinion and fully disclose the topic. More and more young people are questioning the importance and necessity of such a social institution as higher education. In addition to the widely accepted traditional degrees and continuing education programs, there are short courses with vocational, vocational, or technical orientations. The importance of higher education is huge and the essaykeeper essay helper company will help with papers and essays for university admission. Students can speak to their assigned writer to ensure the process runs smoothly and everyone is on the same wavelength. It's also great that you can request a specific author to work with and they have free unlimited versions.

Every student must prepare a short essay on their own at least once. But sometimes there are objective reasons why they cannot do this. For example, a banal lack of time, inability to express their opinions on paper, as well as difficulties with Filipino/English (in particular, among foreign students). In all these cases, it is best to order an essay inexpensively from a company that specializes in the subject. The write my paper service knows how to write a work beautifully and correctly, which will fully satisfy the teacher's requirements and allow the student to get a high score.

The cost of such a small essay depends primarily on the subject matter, the requirements of the university in terms of content and design, as well as the deadlines. As a rule, such companies adhere to a democratic pricing policy, so a student with any financial capabilities can order an essay from real experts for a cheap price. It is known that modern teachers check such works for plagiarism. You can rest assured that all the texts are written without plagiarism and with high uniqueness. To quickly and efficiently prepare an essay, you should go to the chosen website and fill out an online form. The services work with students of all universities and write not only essays, term papers, and diplomas to order, but any other educational work on various topics of all levels of complexity.

Book of the Month:

Colonial Crucible: Empire in the Making of the Modern American State
edited by Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano

After 1898 the United States conquered an island empire stretching halfway round the globe, from Puerto Rico to the Philippines. Plunging Washington’s raw bureaucracy into the white heat of nationalist revolution and imperial rivalry, colonialism was a Promethean crucible that transformed the American state. This volume, bringing together fifty scholars from four continents, explores empire’s impact on U.S. state formation— policing and prisons, education, race, public health, the military, and environmental management.

Not for sale outside the Philippines.

Philippine Copyright 2010. 6x9 inches. 704 pages.

ISBN: 978-971-550-622-9

New Releases:

Revolutionary Spirit: Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia
by John Nery

Stellar Origins, Human Ways: Readings in Science, Technology, and Society
edited by Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng

Phenomenological Papers: A Supplement to Philosophy of Man, Selected Readings
edited by Manuel B. Dy, Jr.

Manobo Dreams in Arakan: A People's Struggle to Keep Their Homeland
by Karl M. Gaspar, CSsR

Will There Be War? There was a War When I was a Child
by Lauro J. Jocson

Translating Time:Cinema, The Fantastic, and Temporal Critique
by Bliss Cua Lim

Alitaptap sa Gabing Maunos: Mga Kuwento
by Lamberto E. Antonio

Kathang-Isip: Mga Kuwentong Fantastiko
edited by Rolando B. Tolentino and Rommel B. Rodriguez

Defining Filipino Leadership
edited by Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng and Antonette Palma-Angeles

Amazons of the Huk Rebellion: Gender, Sex, and Revolution in the Philippines
by Vina A. Lanzona

Colonial Crucible: Empire in the Making of the Modern American State
edited by Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano

Figuring Catholicism: An Ethnohistory of the Santo Niño de Cebu
by Julius J. Bautista

Religions, Regionalism, and Globalizatition in Asia
published for Ateneo Center for Asian Studies

Voices from Sulu: A Collection of Tausug Oral Traditions
compiled and edited by Gerard Rixhon

Law for Art's Sake: An Introduction to Legal Gobbledygook
by J. Sedfrey S. Santiago

The Ateneo de Manila University: 150 Years of Engaging the Nation
edited by Josefina Dalupan Hofileña

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